UV disinfection lamp portable mobile sterilization lamp

$35.80 $30.80

Are you still troubled by the bacteria without a trace?
With it, everything can be solved easily!


How to get rid of the pungent disinfection water
and effectively prevent bacteria from invading?

Maybe you need an ultraviolet disinfection lamp, multi-directional deep sterilization,
giving you a sterile environment!

Only 30 minutes, efficient sterilization

Small size, easy to carry


Safety quartz glass tube, excellent details create excellent craftsmanship

Multi-scene use, no trace of bacteria

1.Exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time will cause burns to human eyes and skin; make sure there is no living body in the space before use After the lamp is on, please leave the irradiation area
2.It is recommended that each sterilization time be more than 15 minutes
3.Please ventilate the space after sterilization
4.Please wipe the lamp after using it for many times